As you unconsciously glide that smooth coffee flavored lip gloss on that perfect pout, your mind just wanders beyond the reflection in the mirror, conjuring up thoughts and haphazardly placing the pieces of the jigsaw called “a single woman’s life”!

What would be the exact preconceived notions of the man, who has offered to take you out for dinner, about you? As per my deduction, based on a series of disastrous dull dates, acquaintances, and evening out, I have positively come to a conclusion, that when a man spots a gorgeous, steaming hot, sensuous, single [or maybe not so single], bold, outgoing woman who dresses as she likes and speaks her mind out, especially in the glamor industry, he invariably jumps to a conclusion, pinning the term on her, “available hussy”!

I do beg your pardon for using such an odious word, indeed I should be the one most offended as it demeans the very essence of the whole womanhood, considering the fact I represent the gender and hold the placard of belonging to the species, high up, so very strongly!
But such unpleasant have been the past experiences, my personal data states that 88% of the men look down upon the entire species of women, and when they discover that women like me are quite the contrary of their fancy, their obsessive curiosity in the gentle species, takes a two way course, either it gets further ignited, trying to obtain the impossible or end up shunning them and maligning the lady’s public image [as trust me, most of the men are bigger bitches than us, ignoring the fact they are gay or straight! that’s immaterial.], trying to protect their own macho illustration in the community.

Such was this night’s experience with this gentleman from the entertainment industry, with whom I had been casually interacting on the telephone for the last few months, Incidentally landed in my home away from home,☺ i.e. Mumbai, got invited to my place to pick me up and take me out for dinner, thinking he would get lucky! I wonder how callously I had shredded his optimism to pieces, as I could infer from his text later in the night, inquiring, whether he could hope for some adult fun in a certain very well known party joint in Mumbai?my answer?? “Well, depends upon the levels of your desperation and the woman’s morals”!:)

All through the evening he kept dropping hints, and names of in famous women in glamour world, and their not so illustrious acts, and filthy escapades, all the time trying to size me up, until, finally I had to make my point, of where and what I stood for, crystal clear, though not without a little effort, retaining my dignity and salvaging whatever pride was left in my genus.
Well maybe, there are women in our line of work, who hunger for instant wealth, instant success, instant fame [like instant Maggie 2 minute noodles], and the perks that come along with it, go for instant gratification and accept the title [of a hussy] with grace, succumbing and eventually, in the process, losing their innocent grace. They probably don’t envisage, that what one accomplishes through pedantic effort [not that their approach is effortless☺!], aptitude, hard work, fortitude and perseverance, goes a long way to stay with you your entire life. But does that typify that all ladies are same?

So ladies, buckle up [in the right places,]! It’s up to us to take a stand. We are game to blame, the situations and circumstances. However, there is no such thing as a “circumstance”. It’s all about tackling a situation and how tactfully you deal with it. Try to bear in mind; everyday is a new day and a new opportunity!

I repeat as I have said umpteen’s of times before, ”learn to love yourself, it’s the beginning of a lifelong romance”! So make it a habit, to look yourself up in the mirror everyday and chime, I love you baby, I will do nothing to tarnish your self esteem, I promise to cherish and pamper you like a baby because you are too precious☺!!

So in a nutshell, round up your lips, not for nips, but to let out the monosyllable with only two letters of the alphabet in it….”NO’’, and the world will lie at your feet, if not beyond[wink]!!!!

Hont ghuma, citi bajaa, citii bajaake bol “O bhaiya no no no!!”



singer,emcee, writer,anchor, vo artist, composer lyricist
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