V for Vandy!!

Slavery thy name is woman, when she falls head long in love! Now to how many women does this apply? Raise your hands, or forever hold your silence? Is it really true that women whenblinded by the burkha of love over their eyes become mere puppets in the hands of the man?

Is it the intrinsic nature of man to pursue a woman that catches his fancy, wine, dine and win her over with his pledge of undying love, wooing her with a phony claim of “understanding her emotions”, showing her stars in their future together, planning their off spring, home and a blessed family in unison, all of which is a woman’s inner most dream, and eventually walking all over her, draining her psychologically, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, leading her to break her ties with her loved ones. And in due course dumping and walking…

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singer,emcee, writer,anchor, vo artist, composer lyricist
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