Slavery thy name is woman-is your guy a bi??

Slavery thy name is woman, when she falls head long in love! Now to how many women does this apply? Raise your hands, or forever hold your silence? Is it really true that women whenblinded by the burkha of love over their eyes become mere puppets in the hands of the man?

Is it the intrinsic nature of man to pursue a woman that catches his fancy, wine, dine and win her over with his pledge of undying love, wooing her with a phony claim of “understanding her emotions”, showing her stars in their future together, planning their off spring, home and a blessed family in unison, all of which is a woman’s inner most dream, and eventually walking all over her, draining her psychologically, physically, spiritually, mentally, financially, leading her to break her ties with her loved ones. And in due course dumping and walking out of her life, without so much as an explanation, justification, or rationalization?

The woman is left 99 out of 100 times wondering what went wrong? Flabbergast, trying to cope with the demoralized feeling that she is incapable, incomplete, a sure shot loser?

Now how many times is a woman to be subjected to such traumatic, harrowing encounters, till she finally breaks down?

The male species is blessed with the propensity of switching off their emotion as and when they feel like, as per their convenience and switching on all over again, when they start missing the woman in the future or when they have that orgasmic adrenaline rush seeing their ex in a new diva avatar!

Most wounded girls end up building a graveyard of their good love gone bad, with a bunch of sympathetic female or gay friends over packets of chips and empty wine bottles expecting the pain to get buried amongst these graves, unfortunately ending up in gaining oodles of pounds and a disfigured shape!

But few emotionally brawny types, the tough cookies, tumble, levitate again, dust the rags of their dignity take a deep breath and stride on once more! Ahoy girl way to go!

But what does go wrong in such perfectly seeming relationships? Does the man get bored of seeing the committed side of the girl whom he thought was fun, or is it just the thought of the woman getting serious, unnerve him that he scuttles like a terrified bunny?With so many unanswered questions left to be answered by yourself.

For the girl her life starts revolving around her man. “Oh my god that’s his favorite brand of cigarettes,” or “his favorite juice brand”. “Omigosh! He doesn’t have any casuals to wear,” “his perfume has exhausted,”  “chicken lollipop huney? I can definitely learn that for you!” somewhere down the line, her identity is lost. Now she is living her life his way, and only for him, to make him happy.She becomes MR SO AND SO, rather than being Ms herself! She is the giver and he the taker.A selfish man, not tuned in to her needs,And what does he have to offer in return? Complaints and his woes and miseries dumped on to the already overburdened girls shoulders!

Men may beg to differ stating there are tigresses’ out there in the jungle, who are theexact prototype of the men described above, but I still believe the count of ruthless men out numbers the women on a scale of one to ten!

Maybe the men who suffer at the hands of a woman are sanctified with that extra sensitive female X chromosome that acquaints them, with their feminine attribute.[LOL}God! When will women like me find this extra X chromosome man, without him turning out to be a complete gay!:)J

Now here again, that GAY word is something to be wary of…no prejudice here as my best friends are true gays, but men who swing both ways and want their male image to be fortified in the society, choose girls [ i am aware of many victims amongst my acquaintances] to protect their “masculine” illustration by sincerely entering a fake wedlock of marriage, yet go for a tight gay arse when ever they have an opportunity to do one, as, that is where their preferences lie. The lady might be celebrating the fact that she managed to catch a single available loving caring man. who does not look at other women, while the truth may be quite the contrary!hahahaha!

Ladies you never know when a bisexual in the guise of a straight man may be wooing you, to perfection! What are such men to be called? Gay, straight or bisexual? Important issue, how do we women assess them in the crowd? This is a question that has been driving me nuts!

You want a man with his feminine sensitivities alive and yet are perturbed by the fact he may turn out to be gay! What a catch 22 situation!

What we need is a man who is macho enough to protect his beloved with all sincerity andfeminine enough to serve her tea in bed.Without turning us into their humble servants! That’s it! This is the undemanding desire of a simple hearted girl like me, isn’t it girls?

Finally all and sundry applaud me for being a brilliant writer, well is going through a natural process of traumatic life experiences necessary to make a chiseled writer out of you?  Then, in a good way, I have all these painful, bitter, sweet, hilarious encounters to whom I owe the credit of all the pieces that have gone down on paper. Halleluiah! Keep them coming Allah and let’s celebrate each moment of life, Sweet, Salted, Bitter, Crisp, soggy, or tasteless as it falls on our platter and tingles the palate.

But someone please give me the mantra of falling in love without getting the emotions too entangled as to become the trailing shadow of the man you love! Ameen .



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