rocksitara by hamara music

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Vandana Vadehra is a multifaceted artist, an Emcee, Anchor person, singer, lyricist and composer for movies, had been an RJ on All India Radio FM Delhi since 2001.

Having traversed the globe for her singing and anchoring gigs, she is enriched in cultures, places, music of the world!Photography is her passion which she puts to incredibly interesting use, by capturing masterpieces and using them in her travelogues.

Her talent as a music composer and lyricist in Bollywood will be seen in the movie, Mr Ginnie In Mumbai, where 4 songs have been entirely written and composed by her and she had the opportunity of singing one of the same, namely O TERI KI

she has released albums with crescendo music, and hamara music, called vandy and rocksitara.she has performed with international stars like John travolta, jennifer lopez, foo fighters and many indian stars such as Aamir khan, Amitabh Bachhan, Abhishek Bachhan, Vidya balan and the like.

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She has been honing her writing abilities in various magazines such as Femina, The man, Food and Nite life, Gloria and many others.

The name Vandana Vadehra is synonymous with sensual husky baritone vocals, ranging from a mellow extremely low key to a high pitched falsetto, traversing a plethora of musical range, emotions, modulations’ and situations, packaged in this versatile singer’s and emcee’s voice! A live wire stage performer par excellence, she can belt out melodies in English, Hindi and Punjabi, the languages, on which she has impeccable command and occasionally chooses to have a fling with Telgu, Bangla, Marathi and Spanish too! She believes if music were the food of life and shorthand of emotions, then ……play onArmed with a degree in law, Bsc hons [botany], a diploma in fashion designing, from NIFT, she decided to put all these to a incredibly entertaining use by combining her designing skills, on her clothes under the arch lights, in her live musical shows, and her legal aptitude in her intellectual anchoring, substantiating the fact that singers and artists can be qualified too!

she has worked in shows for multinational firms all across the globe, either as a singer or an emcee.Mercedes, Breitling, Nokia, Jaguar to name a few


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